Essay Creative Writing Tips For Students

Give the will of your own imagination and impeccably fulfill the task set by the tutor-incompatible things? We do not think so!

And in this article we’ll talk about non-standard and creative tips for writing a good and original essay.

So, here they are:

1: Understand that everything is possible in the essay

If in the environment of strict academic norms somewhere there is a small space for creativity and brilliant experiments, then this is an essay. Subjective impressions, curly metaphors, weird associations, quotes from your favorite songs and even a story on behalf of your favorite character from a series or book – use whatever you like.

2: Don’t  forget about the standards

However, the essay also has its structure. The most creative teachers do not have a lot of requirements for it. However, in such cases, the basic principles of common sense are already beginning to operate. So what to keep in mind:

-Essay is a demonstration of your world view, embodied in a written form. If you do not want to get the shortcut “a person with a problem logic,” you should follow the traditional way of text composition (introduction, main part, ending). Of course, the exceptions are possible.

So, choose the style and content of the essay, depending on the specific task, the topic and the goals.

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Plagiarism – is the worst thing you can do . Do you really not have your own  point of view? Moreover, in comparison with the course or lecture, the volume of the essay is not so critical in order to resort to the copying.

3: Create a raisin

The real recognition is when your text is stored for years and shown to other students as a sample. It is necessary that from among thousands of essays teacher remembers  yours. It will be the task of your “raisin”.

If the format allows, the interesting design can become a feature. Submit the text in the form of a dialogue, a letter, a diary, an autobiography, a play – limits only your creativity. Think of the unexpected headline, “loud” epigraphs, and illustrations. Suggest non-standard ideas and brilliant content – means  guaranteed pay attention to your essay.

Reflective book review writing

Features of the composition of the review. Criteria for a comprehensive analysis of a work. A kind, short guide giving an answer to the question: how to write a review of the book? Review – analysis of the work, containing its bibliographic description, summary and reasonable assessment, in order to form a public attitude to the work.

The work can be assessed from the point of view of topical problems, take the form of reflections (essays) inspired by the reading of the book or be a detailed annotation in which the features of the composition are considered.

Complex analysis of the book can be based on the following criteria:

The meaning of the title, which, in the process of reading, is somehow interpreted, unraveled. The title of a good work is ambiguous, it is a kind of symbol, a metaphor that formulates the main thesis (idea) of a work.

Features of the plot and composition, which can be identified based on the tone of the narrative, arranged accents (descriptions, dialogues, author’s notes), achieving the desired effect. Here it is worth paying attention to the order, the way and motivation of the narrative and the description of events, author’s reasoning, retreats, plug-in episodes, framing.

The author’s skill in depicting heroes can be determined by viewing the character’s portrait, his actions, experiences and speech, environment, landscape, plot. In other words, it should be noted how much the author managed to make the characters and their problems plausible, to reveal each of them, to understand the problem.

Individual style of the writer, determined on the basis of the analysis of artistic techniques (metaphors, comparisons, rhetoric and others), the richness of the author’s speech, the correspondence of subjects, etc. All this should make it clear what the writer’s work is different from others.

Summing up, I want to say: despite the fact that the review is considered one of the critical genres, i.e. implies a critical analysis of the work, it is necessary to relate your opinion from the position of the author and to be as objective as possible. It is also believed that the review should consider the product taking into account its topicality, but do not forget that this approach is more predisposed to the analysis of new products.

Essay. Main requirements

In school  or university practice, a very popular work is Essay

Essay(from French essai – attempt, test, essay) – a prose statement of a small volume and a free composition(not always ) expressing individual impressions and considerations on a particular occasion or question and deliberately does not pretend to be an exhaustive answer.

Student or pupil should remember that  when choosing a topic for essay, he or she  can be allowed to be subjective, to focus on a partial, and not on the main, to express controversial considerations, giving a minimum of evidence, but, on the other hand, this can be dangerous. It may be easy, if student want. But it’s not a fact that the result  will be original and interesting.

Before choosing an essay topic, think and make sure you have what to say.

The style of the essay may be different: – aphorism; – figurative; – paradoxical.

Essay is characterized by the use of numerous means of artistic expression: – characters; – metaphors; – comparison; – allegorical and parable images.

To transfer personal perception the author should: – use all kinds of associations; – draw parallels; – get analogies.

Essay will be interesting if it will have: – unpredictable (paradoxical) conclusions; – unexpected turns; – interesting linking.

The language structure of the essay is a dynamic alternation of polemical expressions, questions, problems, the colloquial intonation and vocabulary.

There are many ways to write a successful essay. Here are some of them.

  • Effective beginning – Introduction, a very important element of the work.. To start an essay, there are several approaches.
  1. Standard (most common). It is necessary to answer six questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. Answers to these questions will allow the reader to understand what to expect.
  2. Unexpected – it can be anything but a reader should be surprised or shocked.
  3. Effective – the image of the process itself, and the causes and consequences will flow further. This approach is convenient for short essays.
  4. Authoritarian – offers information in an orderly manner to create an impression of the author’s confidence only in himself.
  5. Informative – the reader immediately receives information about what will be further in the essay.
  6. Quotes – a well-chosen quotation immediately attracts the attention of the reader (it is not recommended to use the proverb and the cliché – it’s trite).
  7. Dialogue – on the one hand, such a start stimulates the reader as a participant in the dialogue, on the other hand, it can be just a flow of thoughts with rhetorical questions.

So, may the force be with you! And good luck in writing your school or university essays!

Essay. Main Essay Writing Tips

Essay is an academic work that offers reflection on some non-trivial problem; the essay offers an individual position of the author.

The purpose of  essay – the development of skills for independent creative thinking and a written statement of student’s own thoughts.

The first basic requirement for writing a successful essay is the collection of material. For students, this is often a complicated  task, but here are some tips for doing this:

-A good habit is to read a book with pencil in your hands. If you are interested in any idea, thought, it can be tagged. The same material is taken from newspapers, magazines, websites and disks, textbooks, etc.

-Using the quotes in your essay, indicate who it belongs to. Essays, in which the quotations researches, facts take place, are  more reasoned, deeper in content.

When constructing words, according to the requirements of the state program, skills must be identified:

-Adhere to the structure of the text according to certain type of speech;

-Express your thoughts on the proposed topic;

– Make arguments correctly;

-Collect examples from literature, other types of art, history;

-Use examples to analyze the problem and convincing arguments, rather than retelling the content of the works or the course of historical events.

In accordance with these requirements, the question arises: where is the place for the student’s creativity? Since all the information provided is a reference of reliable sources, information, and so on.

However, you work not only out the material, but deeply understood it, identifying the main and the secondary.

You integrate(generalize) the main points of several sources, which, as a result of the thoughts expressed in several works, in your text sound more voluminous, fuller, more convincing.

You make the presentation of the material accessible, original, stylistically colored.

You have a wide selection of illustrative material: from a few sources you get the most striking examples that you think are the most revealing topic, indicating your awareness, preparation, and outlook.

By comparing the views of different authors, you can express your own opinion.

If you take into account all these tips, as well as concentrate on writing an essay not as a trivial academic task, but as a creative work, then your work will be truly successful and interesting.

And, which is most important – you, as an essay writer, will write and represent it with a great pleasure!

Article review writing service

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