Essay. Main Essay Writing Tips

Essay is an academic work that offers reflection on some non-trivial problem; the essay offers an individual position of the author.

The purpose of  essay – the development of skills for independent creative thinking and a written statement of student’s own thoughts.

The first basic requirement for writing a successful essay is the collection of material. For students, this is often a complicated  task, but here are some tips for doing this:

-A good habit is to read a book with pencil in your hands. If you are interested in any idea, thought, it can be tagged. The same material is taken from newspapers, magazines, websites and disks, textbooks, etc.

-Using the quotes in your essay, indicate who it belongs to. Essays, in which the quotations researches, facts take place, are  more reasoned, deeper in content.

When constructing words, according to the requirements of the state program, skills must be identified:

-Adhere to the structure of the text according to certain type of speech;

-Express your thoughts on the proposed topic;

– Make arguments correctly;

-Collect examples from literature, other types of art, history;

-Use examples to analyze the problem and convincing arguments, rather than retelling the content of the works or the course of historical events.

In accordance with these requirements, the question arises: where is the place for the student’s creativity? Since all the information provided is a reference of reliable sources, information, and so on.

However, you work not only out the material, but deeply understood it, identifying the main and the secondary.

You integrate(generalize) the main points of several sources, which, as a result of the thoughts expressed in several works, in your text sound more voluminous, fuller, more convincing.

You make the presentation of the material accessible, original, stylistically colored.

You have a wide selection of illustrative material: from a few sources you get the most striking examples that you think are the most revealing topic, indicating your awareness, preparation, and outlook.

By comparing the views of different authors, you can express your own opinion.

If you take into account all these tips, as well as concentrate on writing an essay not as a trivial academic task, but as a creative work, then your work will be truly successful and interesting.

And, which is most important – you, as an essay writer, will write and represent it with a great pleasure!